Acmatix Solutions Private Ltd partners with its clients to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives.

Our core capabilities are in creating enterprise software solutions cover a range of business and industries. Our expertise spans a range of industries, solutions and geographies. We strive to provide innovative, value- added solutions to satisfy site constraints and challenges, private industry requirements, project requirements, and federal, state, and municipal regulatory requirements.

Acmatix Solutions Private Ltd leverages experience team to provide software services to provide a cost advantage combined with an unparalleled product quality, industry intelligence and systems expertise.

Following are some of the services that we offer:

  • Professional Services

    The challenge:

    Technical industries are facing an exceptional challenge for software development. A growing number of companies have complex ideas to develop their business by incorporating better technologies. Even though commercial software is available, it cannot not cater to all their needs. This provides a wide gap between affordable software and client requirements. Software services addresses this gap. However, unless the benefits outweigh the cost of employing services, it may be cost prohibitive. This leaves a lot of brilliant ideas not fully realized.

    The solution:

    Acmatix has devised a cost effective way of addressing industry specific software requirement. Offshore development

    • A team with an experience of working together to solve real-life issues
    • Subject matter experts (full time and part time)
    • Software specialists
    • Commitment for developing best possible solution
    • Process for ensuring quality, cost efficiency and timeliness
    The Acmatix Advantage:
    • Unparalleled product quality
    • Low cost
    • Capability to provide accelerated services for short time frame projects
  • Datamanagement Services

    The challenge:

    Data management poses a three fold challenge:

    1. Rising cost of data management and updation
    2. New technologies are introduced in the market continuously, which means different data management technologies are used across the organization, creating a lot of confusion as well as rework.
    3. Constant evaluation and expertise in new technologies is required to assess its usefulness and effectiveness.
    The solution:

    Acmatix has defined data management and update needs assessment program. With affordably low fees, Acmatix keeps you updated with the latest trends in data management configured to your organization needs.

    We also offer data update, migration and maintenance services.

    • Data Management needs assessment program.
    • Data Maintenance needs assessment.
    • Data Update, Migration and Maintenance.
    • Customized tools for easy data management
    The Acmatix Advantage:
    • Hassle free data management and maintenance
    • Detailed evaluations of technology updates
    • High quality data management solutions
    • Low cost data management services
    • Data Management Services
  • Acmatix Solutions Private Limited, IT Software Company, Anand (Vallabh Vidyanagar), Gujarat, India Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services

    The challenge:

    GIS implementation is critical to several industries. A lot of these tasks are monotonous and can be avoided by simple programming customizations. However, identifying the opportunities where time and money can be saved requires a thorough knowledge of GIS as well as software programming.

    The solution:

    Acmatix has developed a GIS needs assessment program which helps identify critical aspects for improving efficiency in GIS implementation and management. Acmatix also provides services in developing technologies that reduce mundane monotonous work and can be completely customized to organization specific workflow.

    • GIS needs assessment program
    • GIS customization and implementation
    • GIS subject matter experts
    • GIS digitization
    The Acmatix Advantage:
    • Higher efficiency
    • More time to manage more critical projects
    • Lower cost and budget
    • High level of expertise
  • Acmatix Solutions Private Limited, IT Software Company, Anand (Vallabh Vidyanagar), Gujarat, India Technology and Workflow Integration Services

    The challenge:

    Over the past several years, technology has evolved considerably. There are changes and updates to the software and hardware alike. Every single day has become a race for just staying up-to-speed. Another ramification of this rush has been a heavy investment in several different technologies that may or may not talk to each other. This has led to redundant and repeated work in several organizations.

    The solution:

    Acmatix offers a unique perspective for improving efficiency by integrating several disparate technologies. Based on each organization's work flow process, Acmatix evaluates the needs, feasibility and cost of updating or implementing a new system for achieving system wide technology integration.

    There are several means such as Enterprise Application Integration, Web Services Integration, etc that Acmatix employs to solve industry specific needs.

    • Technology needs assessment program.
    • Technology/Workflow integration decision assessment program to evaluate cost effectiveness and benefits of technology and systems integration versus upgrading or changing existing systems.
    • Industry specific domain knowledge and integration experience.
    The Acmatix Advantage:
    • Higher efficiency.
    • More time to manage more critical projects.
    • Lower cost and budget.
    • High level of expertise
  • Acmatix Solutions Private Limited, IT Software Company, Anand (Vallabh Vidyanagar), Gujarat, India Web Development Services and Web Services

    The challenge:

    Rapid changes in technology demands rapid changes to design and implementation of web sites as well as web based tools. Web development and web services allow clients to achieve a very high level of integrated work environment. Several tools and technologies are available for web development, web services and integrated work environment. Although there are a lot of advantages of using these technologies, it is enerally perceived that the cost of technology development outweighs the cost benefit derived from this implementation.

    The solution:

    Acmatix offers a road map program to evaluate and develop productivity improvement tools and requirements along with a cost analysis. A phased implementation program is also developed as a part of general solution.

    • Web services integration needs assessment program (including business, financial, and industry specific integration requirements). 
    • Web integration of existing tools and technologies. 
    • Guaranteed increase in productivity and efficiency..
    The Acmatix Advantage:
    • Assess needs for technology integration
    • Develop the latest concepts in tools and technology integration .
    • Low cost integration and maintenance program 


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