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AEMS version 13.3 released

Date : August 10, 2013

Acme Event Management Solution releases version 13.3. This version provides revolutionary mobile integration including barcode reader, QSR reader and automated event attendance capture. Read More—redirect to products page Revitalized and Re-invigorated

Date : July 6, 2013

A new look and feel is developed for For existing clients, additional client specific testing areas, forums and blog discussions have been added.

Acmatix awarded Event Management Software Deployment

Date : June 5, 2013

Acmatix was awarded a contract to provide event management software for a rural conference site and attendee management. Read More – redirect to services page

Water Quality Regulatory Compliance Management Software Update Contract

Date : May 20, 2013

Acmatix continued its winning streak and obtained a renewal of software management contract for water quality regulatory compliance management. Read More - Redirect to services page

Management Software Update Contract Award

Date : April 10, 2013

Acmatix was awarded a contract to manage custom software developed to calculate tax liabilities, accounts receivables, regulatory compliance and reporting requirements.

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